Transmission Fluid

ATF 7000 MF

Code: 510

Synthetic multi-vehicle 6+ speed ATF

High performance, low viscosity, synthetic multi-vehicle ATF, specially designed for modern 6+ speed transmissions. It offers smooth gear shifting, anti-sudder durability, oxidation stability and extended transmission life.
Packages:1L- 20L- 205L
Specifications:Ford ML-V, GM D VI, Hyundai-Kia SP-IV, NISSAN Matic S, Toyota WS, Honda ATF Z-1, MB 236.14


Code: 519

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for CVT transmissions.

High performance, synthetic ATF specially designed for continiously variable transmissions (CVT), operating with steel belts or chains. It offers optimum anti-wear protection and stable friction performance.
Packages:1L- 20L- 205L
Specifications:TOYOTA TC, NISSAN NS-2, MITSUBISHI CVTF-J1, MB 236.20, Ford CVT-30, VW G 052 529

ATF 9000 HD

Code: 515

Semi-synthetic Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid

High performance, semi-synthetic ATF designed for Heavy Duty transmissions of buses and trucks. It is also suitable for passenger cars requiring a high viscosity ATF. It offers optimum performance and covers the requirements of most OEM's.
Packages:20L- 205L
Specifications:ZF-TE-ML 03D/14B, Voith H55.6335, MAN 339 Type V1/Type Z1, MB 236.9, Volvo 97340,97341, Allison C-4, Ford M, GM Dexron III H+.


Code: 522

Semi-synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Semi-synthetic transmission fluid suitable for most automatic transmissions, clutches and steering systems in passenger cars, commercial trucks and off-road machinery. It offers smooth performance and oxidation stability.
Packages:1L- 20L- 205L
Specifications:GM DEXRON IIΙG/H, ALLISON C-4, MERCON, VOITH G 607, MB 236.9, ZF-TE-ML 14

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Code: 521

Automatic transmission fluid suitable for transmissions requesting a Dexron II quality level, clutches and steering systems in passenger cars, commercial trucks and off-road machinery.
Packages:20L- 205L
Specifications:GM DEXRON II D, ALLISON C-4, CAT TO-2, VOITH, MB 236.7, RENK , ZF-TE-ML 09/11/14, MAN 339-D

ATF 3000 tiptronic

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Synthetic transmission fluid

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