Brake Fluid


Synthetic brake fluid corresponding to the strict requirements of car  manufacturers.
specifications: FMVSS 116 DOT-4, SAE J 1704, JIS K 2233 CLASS 4


Meets all the international standards for DOT3 brake fluid. the patented formula prolongs working life of gaskets and brake hoses which are used in brake systems.
specifications: FMVSS 116 DOT-3, ISO 4925 CLASS 3, SAE J 1703, JIS K 2233 CLASS 3


Specially developed low-viscous synthetic brake fluid of the last generation with enhanced temperature characteristics. the patented production technology makes it possible for ROVEL DOT-4 plus to perform at extremely low and high temperatures


Specially developed for countries with hot climate. patented formula and attractive price makes ROVEL DOT-3 HV one step ahead of other brake fluids on the competitive markets.


Llow viscous synthetic brake fluid designed for modern electronic brake systems equipped with ABS and ESP.
specifications: ISO 4925 class 6